Fair School

Fair School is a non-profit organization based on the idea of successful education for each child at each elementary school in the Czech Republic. This means that its aim is to help schools to provide their pupils with the highest possible quality of education so that all children have the chance to fully develop their potential.

“We are fair and we are here for everyone.” This was the thesis on which I built the new visual identity of the project. The brand is based on a changeable symbol of a cheerful pupil that represents all other children. The main lines of his face (eyes, nose and mouth) are constant, but everything else (hairstyles and colours) changes. Thanks to this simple and playful principle, the brand includes the distinctiveness of other individual children. Fair school is not for one prototypical pupil, but for all of them.

I supplemented the visual identity with a large series of joyful illustrations based onschool environment. All of them are createdin pastel colours and follow the artistic expression set out by the basic logo. The illustrations accompany Fair School‘s printed and online outputs.