Art of Physiotherapy

Umění fyzioterapie / The Art of Physiotherapy is the only project in this portfolio that I didn’t take part in from the very beginning. I only joined it in autumn of 2017 when the magazine’s fourth issue focusing on the topic of pelvic floor came out. I was then entrusted with the preparation and typesetting of all the following issues.

This means that I’m not the author of the logotype or the basic layout (all credit for that goes to the talented photographer Ondra Vala) but I took care of a thorough face-lift of the typesetting. I chose a new typeface, modified its size and line spacing. Together with the typesetting, I also designed the Umění fyzioterapie / The Art of Physiotherapy website. The former one had insufficient UX, which led to many user complaints. These stopped with the new website.

I have to say I’m very happy that I am a part of such a complex project that is Umění fyzioterapie / The Art of Physiotherapy. The magazine grows professionally every year under the leadership of the editor-in-chief and physiotherapist Marika Bajerová.